SO glad yesterday is over a new one has begun

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yesterday was seriously the worst day I've had in awhile. It started out well--with a mission to be productive during my day off. A desire to be productive ended up producing more stress.

My tags are two months expired--Tori pointed that out to me one night at high school group. Yesterday was the first chance I've had to get my car emissions tested so I could register it. So I went to the emissions place, waited in the wrong bay, had to go back around and wait in line again (45 minutes) all to find out that my car didn't pass emissions. Are you kidding me?! Only cars from the 60s don't pass emissions....well, add mine to the list! This was not making me feel productive! I needed to go to the DMV next door to get a new drivers license--the one that is horizontal. This was the worst experience at the DMV I've ever had. I was seriously harassed by six sixteen year old boys...I won't get into details, but lets just say I felt pretty violated. After waiting, they called my number and I went to take a new picture for my license. HAH! Should not have done that! I look like a shaggy dog with cheeks. There was a shadow on my face and it looks like I have dark thick bangs that go below my eyes. When your own mother says, "I will pay for you to go back and get a new picture," you know it's bad.

After the awful DMV, I went to Salem Boys to get an estimate on how much it would be to fix the problems in order for my car to pass emissions. The nice man told me it would be about $600!!! I said, "no thank you," and called Andrew crying, hoping he would just tell me we won the lottery or something. He didn't, but being the amazing guy he is called his uncle (who's a mechanic) and helped me figure out some car stuff. I think it will be a lot cheaper for him to do it.

Anyway, today is a new day.....and I am thrilled for small groups tonight. I'm excited for another year to hang out with the most awesome people on this planet. If you didn't know, high school girls (especially mine) are pretty stinkin cool. I'm excited to see them grow in their walk with the Lord. I feel pretty honored to be part of that. They're great!

And I'm thinking about trading in this.....

for this...... :)