Sunday, October 26, 2008

I feel like I need to blog....but there is so much going on in my head/life, I don't know what to even write about. I LOVE lists, I think we're gonna go with that format:

-Church was pretty amazing this morning--really refreshing.
-I am overwhelmed with school
-I am even more overwhelmed the prospect of grad school
-Andrew and I saw "Pride and Glory" last was a great movie, but I had to turn on the tv when I got home to get some of those violent images out of my head so I could sleep
-I'm not dressing up for Halloween
-I think I want my bangs back
-I've been drawing a lot lately
-I love my family a lot
-Andrew and I are trying to figure out how we can afford a Portland trip

Speaking of lists, I have an awful lot of unfilled boxes in my agenda...guess I should get down to business!

Hamilton Homecoming

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I love my small group girls. Andrew and I went to take pictures of them before they left for Homecoming. Here's a few of the hundred pictures we took

Dodson girls

The Dodsons know how to make kids....
Andrew and I babysat their little girls last night and had a blast! We played dinosaurs, dress up, and "dogs chase cats". I'm not a fan of babysitting for the most part, but I really enjoyed myself last night :)
Here are some pictures of our adventures...
Ava and Cambrea are the cutest girls ever!

efficacious: the GRE word for success

Monday, October 6, 2008

Last week, I told Andrew that we were going out to dinner tonight. It was either going to be a dinner to celebrate my GRE score or to eat my feelings...but either way, we were going to dinner.
I am proud to say that we will be celebrating my GRE score!
I did well enough on the GRE that I don't have to take it again!!!
It was a rough test, but I managed to pull off an 1120.
God is so so so so good.
I have to wait a few weeks to get my writing scores back, but overall I think I am done with this silly test!
Now I have to write my personal statement, ask professors for letters of recommendation, and fill out applications.
I can't stop smiling....the weight of the world feels like it's been lifted from my shoulders.

The best part of all this is that I know I had awesome friends and family praying for me. It was so cool to get in my car after taking the test and have a ton of text messages from my rad high school girls wishing me luck. It's really encouraging that people take time out of their busy days to think of me. I am blessed by great friendships.

It's gonna be alright!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

While I was at MERGE this morning, I was definitely convicted. They sang "Salvation is Here" and it spoke straight to my heart. I am so extremely worried about tomorrow morning (the GRE), but I was comforted for a moment with these words:

"God above all the world in motion,
God above al my hopes and fears,
I don't care what the world throws at me now...
Cause I know my God saved the day
and I know his Word never fails and
I know my God made a way for me....

I'll cling tightly to these words today....