efficacious: the GRE word for success

Monday, October 6, 2008

Last week, I told Andrew that we were going out to dinner tonight. It was either going to be a dinner to celebrate my GRE score or to eat my feelings...but either way, we were going to dinner.
I am proud to say that we will be celebrating my GRE score!
I did well enough on the GRE that I don't have to take it again!!!
It was a rough test, but I managed to pull off an 1120.
God is so so so so good.
I have to wait a few weeks to get my writing scores back, but overall I think I am done with this silly test!
Now I have to write my personal statement, ask professors for letters of recommendation, and fill out applications.
I can't stop smiling....the weight of the world feels like it's been lifted from my shoulders.

The best part of all this is that I know I had awesome friends and family praying for me. It was so cool to get in my car after taking the test and have a ton of text messages from my rad high school girls wishing me luck. It's really encouraging that people take time out of their busy days to think of me. I am blessed by great friendships.


Tori said...

i am so proud of you Katie!! your hard work definitely paid off! love you!

Lindsay said...

Yay!!! I was thinking about you all day and wanted to text you but I left my phone in Ohio :( I even tried to figure out how to text you from the computer but I don't know if it works across carriers....anyways...call me at home sometime if you can or just call Ryan's phone! Love you!

M.escoto said...

i was so happy for you katie!
and im glad you were my prayer partner that week, even when i set my alarm for 7 in the morning to pray for your test! haha :)

Breanna said...

I knew you would do it!!

you are the best!


Sydney said...

So proud of you!
I LOVE you!
We need to talk soon. :)