Thursday, May 28, 2009

I think we decided to get a Golden Retriever puppy instead of an Australian Shepherd. Any name suggestions?


Alexandra said...

Wait, I thought you were getting a chocolate lab?

Goldens are fantastic dogs! Ryan's family has all goldens. We're probably going to get a golden doodle (can't deal with fur every where) because they are just great with people, loyal and obedient.

Their only flaw is that they are horrible watch dogs. They would give a robber kisses...

Ryan Guard said...

we'll pay you to take Bella

A m a r i s said...

YAY!!! this is SO exciting! do you know whether you're getting a boy or girl?!

boy: HANK hahahaa : )
girl: paisley

Katie Sterbenz said...

Alex- Golden doodles are so great! We can't afford them, otherwise they would be a fantastic choice!

Ryan- I hope Bella didn't hear you typing that

Amaris- I think we are getting a girl... Paisley is a great name, but a girl at Cornerstone has that name. Thanks for the suggestions! Hank is the best name ever :)

Lindsay said...

I think you need to use Hank for boy or girl so Andrew can't use it for your kid!